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PMI was founded in 1989 to assist families with youth and adolescents who lived in urban Boston.  We incorporated in 1993 and our experience expanded when we produced a Public Service Announcement with a Community Action Grant from the Boston Healthy Start Initiative. The project involved youth ages 7-17 and women of child bearing ages with the topic of "Infant Mortality".  Live studio interviews were aired with women who experienced their babies dying in infancy and women who experienced healthy births. A supporting song was composed and performed by the youth in a local recording studio and local audiences were captivated and at the same time informed on the inexcusable high rate of deaths among infants in our community.


Philosophy & Standards

The idea is that each youth will give back to the community, demonstrating a healthy attitude and motivating his or her peers to use their talents in a positive way.  We help generate & sustain inspiration so that young people can combat negative peer pressure by using a healthy approach. 

We evaluate our valuable programs with regular surveys & feedback from those we serve.  We continuously seek improvement with an eye towards civic engagement, reflecting the needs in our community and excellence in our field of service. 

PMI is a 501 c 3 non-profit and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We are required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ and make our audited financial statements available to the public upon request.


2007-2008 Board Members

Hafeezah Bell, President & Founder

Danny Hardaway, Vice President

Sheiry Smith, Treasurer

J. Abdullah Faaruuq, Secretary


Advisory Board Members

Sharon Nobles

Zakiyah D. Bilal

Hassan Thomas

Mattie Deloach

Jenelle Holder

Joel Mackall


Business Address

65 Walnut Avenue

Roxbury, MA 02119



PO Box 190366

Roxbury, MA 02119


Parentsí Management Inc. is centrally located in the heart of Roxbury at 65 Walnut Avenue. It is accessible by several bus lines and a 10-minute walk from Dudley Square.



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